To both regulate relations between members and employees or Trade Unions and to protect and further the interests of members in relation to their employees or Trade Unions.

To promote the interests of members.

To plan and organize its administration and lawful activities.

To affiliate with and participate in the affairs of any international employers organization or the international Labour Organization.

To promote, support or oppose any proposed legislative or other measures affecting the interests of our members.

To provide legal assistance on matters affecting the relationship between themselves and their employees or trade union.

To establish and administer funds for the benefit of its members.

To do such lawful things as may appear to be in the interest of the association and its members and which are not inconsistent with the objectives or any matter specifically provided for this constitution.

To assist member in the settlement of disputes between members and their employees or trade unions by conciliation, mediation or arbitration.
To appoint legal assistance to assist the association

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