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  • Former employees to lay charges over provident fund deductions 15th October 2018
    The case of a Sea Point security company and its owner, who have been accused of failing to pay provident fund contributions, has been postponed until February. Read more… | Send to a friend
  • Alarming rise of racial insults in the workplace 12th October 2018
    Recently, there has been an unsettling rise in the instances of racial slander in the workplace. Read more… | Send to a friend
  • EE Amendment Bill proposes for sectoral targets 10th October 2018
    The Department of Labour says the Employment Equity (EE) Amendment Bill and Regulations is proposing the establishment of sectoral targets to enable employers to transform workplaces. Read more… | Send to a friend
  • Employment Equity roadshows hit KZN 8th October 2018
    The Department of Labour's public hearings on the amendments of the Employment Equity (EE) Act and the draft EE regulations kicks off in KwaZulu-Natal this week. Read more… | Send to a friend
  • Defining the lines for automatic transfer of employees 4th October 2018
    Do employees automatically transfer from an old service provider to a new service provider when the client replaces the one with the other? The Labour Appeal Court (LAC) recently engaged low gear to provide proper traction on the automatic transfer of employees. Read more… | Send to a friend
  • Struggling with struggle songs during a strike 25th September 2018
    Is it misconduct to make statements that are offensive to members of a particular race or ethnic background? If so, should an employer retain offending employees in its service? In Duncanmec v Gaylard N.O. and Others, the highest court considered whether employees singing struggle songs – with racial undertones – warranted dismissal. Read more… | […]
  • Important victory for smaller trade unions 21st September 2018
    In an important victory for smaller unions, the Constitutional Court has ruled that a minority union can organise in the workplace even if it doesn't meet membership requirements agreed on by the majority union and the employer. Read more… | Send to a friend
  • Equity Amendment Bill pushes workplace transformation agenda 21st September 2018
    The Employment Equity Amendment Bill and the Draft Employment Equity Regulations, which aim to fast-track slow transformation in the workplace, are expected to be published in the Government Gazette this afternoon. Read more… | Send to a friend
  • Stoned staff? What are employers' rights regarding weed in the workplace? 19th September 2018
    The ban on private possession, consumption and private cultivation of marijuana at home was ruled unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court on 18 September 2018, effectively decriminalising both the use and cultivation of dagga in private. What, however, does this mean for employers, and what should they do next? Read more… | Send to a friend
  • Court denies Radebe's appeal over removal from Transnet board 19th September 2018
    Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan has welcomed the high court's decision to dismiss Seth Radebe's application challenging his removal from office. Read more… | Send to a friend

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