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  • How to fill SA's immediate skills gap 18th January 2018
    A new report compiled by expatriate solutions provider Xpatweb, titled Critical Skills Survey Results 2017, confirms that local companies are hard pressed to find the right expertise to achieve their corporate goals. It is therefore to every business and professional body's benefit to engage with government to make work visa applications as easy as possible. […]
  • National Minimum Wage briefing sessions resume 16th January 2018
    Briefing and engagement sessions aimed at educating workers about the National Minimum Wage (NMW) policy, which takes effect from 1 May 2018, are set to resume this week. Read more… | Send to a friend
  • Labour Law amendments give new families more time to bond 15th January 2018
    In November last year, the Labour Law Amendment Act, 2015 was passed by Parliament. While the media has mostly focused on the right to longer leave for new fathers, the provisions cover a broader spectrum of concerns. Read more… | Send to a friend
  • Pay discrimination on arbitrary grounds? Prove it. 15th January 2018
    To succeed with a claim of unfair discrimination based on an arbitrary ground, an employee would need to adduce evidence or establish link between the arbitrary ground and the differentiation complained of. There may be other plausible reasons justifying pay differential such as a difference in workload which justifies the difference in pay between employees. […]
  • Eskom continues to block Daniels 12th January 2018
    After more than three months, Eskom's suspended head of legal and compliance, Suzanne Daniels, will have to wait another month to continue her battle to be reinstated. Read more… | Send to a friend
  • Entrepreneurs, don't fear the legal nitty-gritty, embrace it 11th January 2018
    Inventory, wages, premises and cash flow are just a few of the concerns shouldered by the modern-day entrepreneur. While these are very real concerns, there is a potentially bigger challenge awaiting many start-up business owners who simply are not getting the necessary legal foundation to underpin their future success. Read more… | Send to a […]
  • City manager in peril after he followed De Lille's orders 10th January 2018
    The career of Cape Town's city manager is on the line because he followed the orders of mayor Patricia de Lille. Read more… | Send to a friend
  • Google engineer fired for sexist memo sues ex-employer 10th January 2018
    SAN FRANCISCO, USA: A Google engineer who was fired after writing a memo defending the gender gap in Silicon Valley tech jobs as a matter of biology has sued his former employer for discrimination. Read more… | Send to a friend
  • #BizTrends2018: Five trends in employment law we can expect in 2018 8th January 2018
    As we launch into 2018, here are a handful of trends we'll be seeing in the workplace this coming year… Read more… | Send to a friend
  • All the King's Horses and all the King's Men could not put the contract together again… 3rd January 2018
    ¬©Micha Klootwijk [[]]"When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said, in a rather scornful tone," it means just what I chose it to mean – neither more, neither less." Read more… | Send to a friend

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